Entry Doors


The entry door is the beginning of your journey through a house,  It’s the first part of the house that anyone going through the house looks at closely. Ideally it should emphasize the character of the house. For new and old homes alike, the front door is a key focal point.

Unfortunately, because they are exposed to weather and heavy wear, entry doors often show their age prematurely. Most older doors are made from wood, a material that has the warm, natural look and feel that most people prefer but is vulnerable to the elements. Season after season of sun and rain eventually warp, crack and bow wood, as the sun’s ultraviolet rays break down wood’s natural lignin, and moisture repeatedly shrinks and swells wood fibers. 

Luckily, entry and exterior doors have changed significantly over the past few years. Homeowners may now select from a vast smorgasbord of options. Hundreds of types and sizes are available, from conventional wood models to high-tech alternatives made of fiberglass composites or steel to doors that incorporate a combination of these materials.

One significant change with entry doors is that, unless you’re looking for a bare-bones door replacement, you can now buy an entire “entry system.” With an entry system, a door is pre-hung in its frame, the door’s bottom edge interlocks with the threshold, and weather stripping encircles the door’s perimeter. The hinges and lockset are designed as part of the system, and sidelites often flank the door. With a system, all components are designed and machined to work together reliably and energy efficiently.

Beautiful, Secure & Efficient

When it is time to replace the old and welcome the new, Shamrock’s entry doors are offered in wood, Smooth Steel, Textured Steel, vinyl, and Fiberglass with a wide variety of clear and decorative glass styles. All types of units such as front doors, side doors, back doors, sidelites and transforms are available.

Some Special Advantages

  1. Two Piece Unitized Construction
  2. Energy Efficient
  3. Steel Strike Reinforcing Plate
  4. Exclusive Slide-On Door Sweep
  5. Adjustable Riser

Color Options

Our entry doors paint options are state-of-the-art coatings formulated for maximum durability, UV protection, color retention and lasting beauty.

The following is a list of some of our most popular color choices:

Stain Finish Options

Our entry doors are also available in wood stain. Each finish is hand rubbed by skilled craftsmen and receives a

clear topcoat for added UV protection and durability. Choose a finish to compliment your home’s trim, floor or cabinetry.

Popular Stains:



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